Wednesday, December 28, 2011

La Reunion update - some good news and bad news

First off, I hope everyone has enjoyed a lovely and peaceful holiday season. Best wishes to all of you for 2012.

Since I reported on my findings at the La Reunion site in Dallas County last month, I learned a little more about the scant remains of that old house on the original colony site. Turns out that the homestead appears to be that of La Reunion colonist Leon DeLord, who built the house with his son Alphonse. The only thing is, according to Emanuel Santerre, last survivor of the French colony, the DeLord house - remnants of which I photographed and posted on the blog - was built after the La Reunion colony officially dissolved.

The DeLord site can be found somewhere along Westmoreland Road on the old colony site. Thousands of commuters probably pass by it every day without realizing the historical significance of the old homestead. The Episcopal Diocese of Dallas apparently owned the plot for some time, but now it seems unclear as to whom, if anyone, is responsible for the site. And it may not be part of the actual La Reunion colony itself like the cemetery on nearby Fish Trap Road, but it may be as close as anyone gets.

Then again, I've heard rumors of other possible ruins at the La Reunion site, but I'll have to file that under "To Be Continued."


  1. yes and we refer it as ledbetter .and much of the soil is led contaminated and has killed many but most of the residents are the new generation . so anyone who has been eating out of their Home grown gardens were directly impacted with Led poisoning

  2. and yes i used to ride my huffy bike on trails that is referred as chalkhill and there is an old looking cattle that someone is highly and overprotective of . but us beings kids and all they would usually just run us off but they have been know and i have seen then pull pistols and rifles on someone who parked in front of a square shaped red looking building that i recognise as a freemason symbol type structure . in fact i'm going through there tomorrow well every day just about .

  3. And yes there is a cemetery there and the only marker i seen today as a matter of fact was a city ordinance violation signs for the small lake recreational rules and regulations. nothing to identify it . and the street is fishtrap that the West Dallas projects have and still are on this piece of ground . and i have friends right now that are 100 years of age and one of them just turned 102 . i will get inside scoop from her and from the others to compare the facts and narrow it to the truth

  4. But the area is the Hood . i mean right in the center of it

  5. i guess God knows how to keep fol;ks out of there cause gangster don't really involve themselves with culture as they once did . this are different types of gangsters. there just kids that didn't have much of a say so about it . unless you live here you really can never make a fair assumption as to say there is no excuse for it.