Friday, April 6, 2012

The streak has ended...

Dagnabbit. I knew it had to end sooner or later - especially with gas prices reaching blasphemous levels - but I did not visit a Texas ghost town last month.

Regular readers of the blog probably know that ever since May 2010, I have averaged at least one trip to a new ghost town every month. One month I'm checking out the smokestack at Thurber, the next month I'm being swallowed by quicksand at Lake Whitney searching for Towash. And the month after that, you might catch me watching a show at Luckenbach or bumping into the neighborhood watch at Gunsight. But for 22 months, I always visited a new site somewhere in Texas. (Yes, I paid another visit to La Reunion last month, but that doesn't count.)

Just because the streak is over, however, doesn't mean that I'm throwing in the towel. There's still a lot of Texas for me to explore, and I have lots of photos I still need to share with you. And I promised Jan of Bugtussle Burn a quick plug on my blog - it really is darn good salsa, concocted in the little Fannin County ghost town of the same name. Honest. Go get some. Don't forget the chips. And yes, I visited Bugtussle a while back - need to share those photos with you as well.

My best wishes to all of you for a happy and peaceful Easter or Passover - or both!

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  1. Daniel:

    I meant to mention a town that might be interesting for you to visit and that is Ringgold, Texas, a few miles West of Belcherville on Highway 82. I went to school there for four years after Belcherville closed down. And then I went to Stoneburg, South of Ringgold for my High School learning. Now all are basically ghost towns....they were the last I saw all of them. I can sure understand your cutting back on travel because of gas prices.
    Have fun in your travels.