Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Everything I know (about Belcherville) is wrong

Unfortunately, I do not receive instant notification whenever someone comments on my ghost town exploits in this blog. I do review my posts from time to time and truly appreciate all of the feedback I've received so far. One of the responses, however, was from a former resident of the Montague County ghost town of Belcherville; she informed me that some of the details in my report last October were either incorrect or needed a little extra information. So I've gone into that blog entry and made a few changes which you can read by clicking here.

Thanks, sisy - hope I got it right this time. :)


  1. Daniel:
    Thanks again for your work/comments on my home town of Belcherville. I have gotten too old to visit Belcherville again so I love seeing this information. The picture that you posted of the red brick building at Belcher Ave. and Bonham that you have posted is not the exterior of the Baptist Church. Our church is of wood frame. I wish I could remember what that red brick building is but cannot right now. When I lived in Belcherville there was a grocery store and gas station right across the street from the Blevins' grocery and gas station. It was run by a Mable Miles; I think until she passed away. The last trip I made up to Belcherville (sometime in the mid 80's) someone had purchased the Miles station and was refurbishing it into a home. Mrs. Miles lived in the back of it while she was there. I will never forget the old hand pump type gas stations we had there. By the way, I made a mistake on the spelling of the name "Vannoy". These are the folks that owned the grocery and gas station on Highway 82. Keep up the good work. Ghost towns are very interesting and I wished I could prowl them all. I use Google Earth for some of my travels.

  2. I have heard many references in episodes of the first season of Beverly Hillbillies of small towns in east Texas, like Bugtussle.
    No one else has made this observation that I know of.
    Can anyone else make comment on this?
    Many fans of Beverly Hillbillies think they originate from Arkansas, Tennesse, Missouri...
    But they made so many refrences to east Texas!