Sunday, April 29, 2012

This is how I roll...

I get up on Sunday morning, watch the weather reports to see if I'll have to deal with rain, and then I'm on the road before 10am, heading up towards the Red River, braving the occasional drizzle. I start driving through northeastern Cooke County, heading towards the ghost town of Dexter with the layout of the town ruins firmly embedded in my head. Once I show up at Dexter, I plow through the woods and brave all manner of insects and arachnids to find some ruins no longer visible from the road, and I feel like a kid in a candy store. After finding practically everything there is to find at Dexter, I head off to Gainesville for a late lunch/early supper that will constitute my one square meal of the day, and then it's back to Dallas County to put in a few hours of overtime. (Hey, I have to pay for the gas somehow...)

It's 11pm on Sunday night, and the rain has picked up again, and I'm typing this in my car. Why am I not home yet? Isn't there a Firefly marathon on Science right now? Mal Reynolds intrigues me, bless his grumpy, chaotic good heart. And is there anyone who doesn't have a little crush on Kaylee, the engineer? But I digress. And I'm tired. And I'll have to share the Dexter photos with you soon - just not tonight.

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